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d2 Drive/Define LIGHTEN UP Bag and Hydrate Holder.



d2 Drive/Define

If I remember correctly, we first met walking into a group-ex class at the gym.  I asked, "How'd you get amazing arms like that?"  Think Linda Hamilton.  (Then I asked if you knew Beth R :)  I stepped away from our chat, thankful for your new fitness and nutritional tips.   That day, I could tell you were a game changer!  AND, I have to say, the Inferno HOT Pilates class you taught yesterday definitely changed my game!  (Check it out all - Amazing effects!)  I kept raving, well, bragging about where I just was, feelin like I cracked the code on a best kept secret.  The music: AWESOME!  Your instruction: You hit it out of the ballpark!!  Feeling stronger, I was in a good mood all day.....

(PS. A good move for when taking HOT classes? Keep your H20 nearby all day with a d2 Drive/Define Hydrate're gonna need it : )  

Another thing you inspired, the more "steps" I take a day, the better I feel.  So, tell us about 10K a Day with Binay Walk Challenge.  Because it keeps me in check.  Before I turn out the lights for the night, I scan my activity log on my iPhone - If I see I've fallen short -- then I am literally doing hundreds of jumping jacks next to my bed to reach that 10k goal...I'm Hooked! 

Q:  So, how’d you come up with 10k?  

BC:  A friend, who works in an office full-time mentioned she got 10k (steps a day) and I was so surprised because I workout everyday and I only get 5k. Impressed and inspired by her efforts, I decided to create a challenge around achieving 10k steps a day...I realized it wasn’t only about working out, it was also about being active throughout the day. Plus, it’s super accessible to all fitness levels! I  run various nutrition groups throughout the year, so I offered the 10k challenge to the Metabolic Makeover group (knowing that it pumps your metabolism to increase movement) and it stuck. Because this became such a hot topic, I created a separate group “10K Steps A Day With Binay” on Facebook. This was 2+ years ago, and to this day, people are still actively posting.  About 1 month ago, the challenge grew broader - what else can we do to keep ourselves healthy? So, the group has evolved to “A Healthy Day with Binay” where the goal is to inspire, support and motivate each other to keep moving, eat clean and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Q: How do people join the group?

BC: Go on Facebook and enter “A Healthy Day with Binay” — anyone can join!

Q:  Love the name of your nutritional consulting, Bacon and Broccoli…. what’s the premise?

BC:  My son was born with food allergies. One night, he only wanted to eat Bacon and we agreed that if he wanted Bacon, he’d have to have some Broccoli with it as well. Low and behold, we put Bacon + Broccoli together = Nutrition in Balance! My approach is to provide kids, teens and adults with a balanced approach to their health.

Q:  Favorite health tip you’d share over dinner and drinks?

BC: I try not to talk nutrition over dinner and drinks (after all, there’s a time and place for everything), however, in the gym I tell everyone that abs and arms are made in the kitchen! 

Q:  Favorite sneakers?

BC: HOKAS! I can’t wait for the new Clifton 5s to come out. I also have a separate pair of Hokas for hiking. 

Q:  Energy bar or no energy bar?

BC: Nope. but LOTS of food. LOTS and lots of food. (Ok, there is one that I approve listed on my blog “A few of My Favorite Things”:

Q  How many glasses of water a day?

BC: Half your body weight in ounces. So, a 100 pound woman should be drinking 50 ounces of water. So, there’s your tip! And on that note, you can also follow me on Instagram @binaycurtis and on Facebook @AHealthydaywithBinay

Binay Curtis, Nutritionist, focuses on a balanced approach to health through real foods and specializes in weight loss and food allergies. Binay is an entrepreneur with more than two decades of experience as an executive media trainer at her own company, Galaxy Six Strategies, and leverages her experience to bring nutrition education programs to individuals and corporations through her company, Bacon + Broccoli = Nutrition in Balance.  Previously, Binay represented Life Fitness, Nordic Track and Foodily through a 20 year career in public relations and marketing. In addition, Binay worked as a contributing health and fitness writer at Muscle & Fitness Magazine and The Daily Herald.  She received a BS in Health Writing at the University of Wisconsin, and is certified as a Nutrition Consultant from the Nutritional Therapy Association. With a 15 year career in personal training and exercise instruction, she holds numerous fitness certifications through AFAA, US Yoga Association and YogaKids!. For more information, contact binay (at)