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d2 Drive/Define LIGHTEN UP Bag and Hydrate Holder.



d2 Drive/Define is all about Setting Goals, Defining who you are, AND how much “energy, Drive, and hustle” you put into what you do and how you do it.

Be the Driver.  Define your Story.  Make it Happen.

The d2 Drive/Define "Hooked-On-You" cross body and water bottle holder is your newest sidekick. A modern “hands-free” "get up and go" design for your active lifestyle. Made for all those times when you don't want to feel weighed down carrying a larger tote. And, a bag that transitions perfectly from a long walk or bike ride - to lunch at a waterfront restaurant.

One bag, used various ways:

  • As a cross body. 

  • Adjust the strap to make it a hip belt. 

  • Click off the swivels for a casual clutch. 

  • Or use as an insert to place in a larger bag to carry smaller items (like jewelry or makeup).  

The d2 Drive/Define water bottle holder is the perfect add-on to the cross body. OR easily attach (and detach) to any tote, gym, or beach bag via a Velcro Strip. A sweet solution, that keeps you from losing yet another swanky water bottle. Better yet, attaching your water on the outside of your tote means less water leaks over your favorite items.

Most importantly, it's a stylish reminder to hydrate!

“With a d2 Drive/Define, you’ll maintain your sporty style without looking like you’re ready to plank in the middle of the market.”