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San Francisco, CA
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d2 Drive/Define LIGHTEN UP Bag and Hydrate Holder.




“I have worn my d2 Drive/Define bag on my travels through Southern India, Northern India, Tanzania and to the US National Parks. It is the perfect size and weight to get through the airport and keep a phone, small wallet, keys, and a boarding pass. I also wear it around town to do errands when I don’t want to carry a large tote. My mother wears her d2 Drive/Define cross body all over Manhattan, where she lives, to keep just her essentials with her. We love our d2 Drive/Define!”

—reporter, avid traveler, everyday hiker,  Lisa B takes her d2 Drive/Define from GameDay to Disney to India



Fabulous for Napa! Cozy and casual to hold room key and phone while lounging and playing at the hotel on a weekend morning, and light enough to bring along for a day of wine tasting....



A super lightweight go-to bag, that keeps you quick on your feet…

I absolutely LOVE my d2 Drive/Define bag and water bottle holder! It’s so functional and lightweight, so is easy to throw on and go. The water bottle holder is fantastic as I’m always feeling like I’m juggling a million things! For anyone who lives an active lifestyle, these are a must...
— Hillary, Boston, MA
I love my d2 Drive/Define bag and take it nearly everywhere (except when I’m super dressed up which - isn’t often). I’ve never liked carrying a purse/bag because it always feels too fussy and cramps my style. I love the light as a feather cross body d2 Drive/Define bag that holds everything I need (phone, skinny wallet, keys, lip balm) and nothing more.
— Jenni, Marin County, CA
My favorite is when I’m out and about and need hands-free. I had been lugging my 20 lb designer filled with superfluous junk - and now I have my phone, key, credit cards....
— Kim, Marin County, CA
Love my new d2 Drive/Define! It was perfect for Yosemite... It held my two iPhones, chapstick, gum, sunscreen, and map! The bright lining with compartments makes it easy to find all the little items. I loved it so much, I bought FOUR more to give to friends as gifts!
— Tristi, Marin County, CA
Perfect bag to use walking my dog!
— Beth, Livingston, NJ
THANK YOU again for getting the bag to me before I left. It is such a PERFECT bag for traveling!!!!
— Jill, Marin County, CA
Just got the bag, thanks! I was actually just saying I could use something to carry a water bottle in. This is really great, I love it!
— Ellyn, Chicago, IL (Thank you note to her sister)