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d2 Drive/Define LIGHTEN UP Bag and Hydrate Holder.


Our Story

Andrea "Andi" Candell, HJ Minton, and Hillary Koritz-Price are life-long friends. Despite a 3,000-mile distance with Andi in San Francisco, and HJ and Hillary in Boston, they always find ways to meet - walks through their favorite cities with their kids, laughs over dinners, trips to A-List stores on the search for the latest and greatest, and discovering the right path to staying fit, active, and hydrated. Reflecting on friends who bring out the best in each other, it is here that the name, d2 Drive/Define, came to be. 

The night before leaving for a spring break trip with family, Andi was running around the local town center in search for the perfect cross body.  Specifics in mind: One bag, lightweight, ideal to bring on a bike ride AND then to dinner at a trendy restaurant. She came up empty handed.

So they decided to take an idea to make it a reality....

With a love of travel, and an obsession with fitness (read: they always remember their water bottles) these three made a move to make their worlds a little lighter.  And developed the d2 Drive/Define bag and water bottle holder combo. 

A modern "hands-free" "get-up-and-go" bag when only quick on your feet will do, d2 Drive/Define designs transition stylishly from a mile-long walk or bike ride to lunch at a waterfront restaurant. 

It’s a win win as we notice, carrying light, means tracking more fitness steps in a day.


Also, introducing our lifestyle guru, Michelle Silver, Andi's "third generation family friend" is the premise of what d2 Drive/Define is all about: friends who celebrate, draws out the "best of", and positively influence.   Her sparkle, inspiration, and Make It Happen attitude is in full effect!  Raised a New Yorker, she now lives in NJ, and has a pulse on the latest health, fitness, and style trends.  d2 Drive/Define is a continuation of her strive, to guide one to their greatest potential -- sharing a product concept that sends a message:

Be the Driver. Define your Story. Make it Happen.