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d2 Drive/Define LIGHTEN UP Bag and Hydrate Holder.

Hydrate Holder Rock-Star Red


The d2 Drive/Define Lighten Up Bag and Hydrate (water bottle) Holder combo is your newest sidekick. Stay Hydrated / Get Energized.

Hydrate Holder Rock-Star Red

sold out

Hydrate Holder Rock-Star Red


Hydrate Rock-Star Red

Red/Black/Grey accent.

A pop of color amongst neutrals is how you roll.  You're always up for trying something new.   

Measurements: 2.75 by 7.25 inches.
Nylon webbing, elastic, Velcro hold.
Made in California.
Easily attaches and detaches to your bag strap via a Velcro strip.

Water Bottle not included.
Made in California.

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d2 Drive/Define Hydrate Holder means more hydration - translating to a healthier bod and skin, and more energy.  You reap the benefits of getting in those eight plus glasses of water a day.  Keeping your H20 bottle near with the d2 Drive/Define Hydrate Holder keeps you hands-free.  What we hear:  It's a super cute accessory to go along with your super cute water bottle.